Scholarship Application Information

COUAA will grant scholarships to qualified applicants based on merit. The amount and number of scholarships will be determined on each period based on the amount of cash available and the number of applicants. The scholarship will apply mainly for tuition, and in some cases, certain fees.

Guidelines for Selection

International Students (Non U.S. Citizens)

  • Tuition waiver applied directly to bursar account (can only be applied to tuition, NOT fees or other charges). This is the matching part of the scholarship from OU to the Association.
  • Association portion from Foundation deposited directly to bursar account. May be applied to any charge on students account (tuition, fees, etc.)
  • Depending on international tax status, COUAA’s portion may be taxed up to 14%.

For U.S. Citizens

  • Check from Foundation issued directly to student (COUAA’s portion)
  • Tuition waiver applied directly to bursar account (can only be applied to tuition, NOT fees or other charges)


COUAA Scholarships are open to any member of COLSA (Colombian Student Association). COUAA scholarship recipients must be current degree-seeking students at the University of Oklahoma in good standing.

COUAA scholarships cannot be granted to exchange students or CESL students. If you are applying to the University of Oklahoma for the fall semester as a degree-seeking student, your application will be considered but the scholarship will only be granted upon your acceptance and arrival at the University.

Process of Selection:

Applications are submitted online at The form must be submitted before the deadline specified in the website. False information in the form results in automatic disqualification for the COUAA Scholarship.

Once the time window for applications is closed the selection process starts. For each applicant three aspects are reviewed: academic, economic and essay. Academic and economic scores are assigned automatically using a spreadsheet. Essay scores are obtained from at least five jurors selected by COUAA officers.

Numbers are assigned to each application received. Only one COUAA officers has access to the applicant’s names and corresponding application number. Each Juror submits the essay score for each application without any knowledge of the real name of the applicant. Only the application number is disclosed to Jurors.

For the ranking process, a spreadsheet with specific values and scales is used for each of the three aspects evaluated. The total scores are sorted and application data from the highest scores is verified. The best total scores are selected and granted the COUAA scholarship.

Overall Timeframe:

  1. Applicants submit applications: In the first two weeks of February
  2. Application information compilation: Weekend in February
  3. Distribution to Jurors and evaluation: 3rd week of February
  4. Ranking and Application data verification: 4rd week of February
  5. Winners announcement: Week before Colombian Night event

Process of Application:

In order to apply for this scholarship, you have to provide your information by completing out an online application. The application form is divided into the following four main sections which highlight the data used by the committee to make the selection.

Personal Information:

In this section, the candidate is asked to provide some basic information about himself/herself that will be used by the committee to identify the applicant. Please be as specific as possible – keep in mind that if a candidate cannot be fully identified, the scholarship may be granted to the next qualified applicant.

Economic Information:

This section is designed to gather information on the applicant’s economic capability. The fields are rather self-explanatory:

  • Does the applicant receive a tuition waiver or research assistantship?
  • Does the applicant have a job (in or out of campus)?
  • Has the applicant received any other financial help (grant/scholarship/etc) within OU? If so, how much money?
  • Does the applicant receive financial help of any type (US Federal loan or other government grant/loan)
  • Cost of the applicant’s car per
  • Indicate the number of dependents (1) for spouse, plus the number of children in the household.


This section is designed to establish the candidate’s written skills as well as to gather additional information that may be relevant and that has not been gathered in the previous section. Simply state in 300 words or less the reason why you consider that you should be a recipient of the COUAA scholarship. Please fill out the following form in order to apply for the COUAA Scholarship. The deadline to turn in the aplications is Monday, February 8th, 2016 at 6:00pm